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Actuated Morphing Fashion

(NSFW warning: nude model at end of video)

“The engineering effort underlying the fashion was extensive. 2D3D director Rob Edkins described some of the technology:

“With the first dress, the girl walked on in a 1906 costume, and it morphed from 1906 to 1916 and then to 1926…

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“Basically, the dresses were driven electronically by controlled, geared motors. We made… little pads for the models… within these containers we had all the battery packs, controlling chips–the micro-controllers and micro-switches–and little geared motors. The motors we used were tiny, about a third of the size of a pencil and nine millimeters in diameter. Each of the motors had a little pulley, and the pulley was then attached to this monofilament wire which was fed through hollow tubes… running everywhere, carrying these little cables, each doing its little job, lifting things up or releasing little linked metallic plates. There was a huge amount of stuff going on beneath the clothes.””

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