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Playing with Tentacles

Still need to dye the dress….and sew on tentacles…and make the bolero.


Full Barbie Mock Up

Oh yeaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh.

When Barbie Met Bolero

First bolero prototype complete. Currently working on the tentacles/grey petticoat bit.

Design Alterations

Our sheer layer is now a cape/bolero and we are gonna use the crazy grey textured fabric as a sort of petticoat layer under the dress. Any thoughts? I think this is much more jellyfish-like and superhero-ish…superheroes need capes!!!

We will post photos of our progress periodically throughout the evening.

Yellow Layer Progress

Progress Report December 22nd

Hey Team,

We have finished our mini prototype and today almost completed the full-sized dress (and plan on finishing it tonight). Will post photos ASAP. Emma is working on the animation while Natalie is kicking ass at the sewing machine.

Barbie Sample 2 (Ombre!!!)

Barbie Sample 1

Barbie Hood 1